Just Amazed With Them ~ Part 2


Let's talk about KPop!!

1. 2ne1

GB Name  : 2ne1 (To Anyone)
Members   : CL, Dara, Minzy, Bom

Now, let's talk about The Members!
a. CL

The One and Only Baddest Female

Real Name   : Lee Chae Rin 이채린
Stage name   : CL
Birth             : 26th February 1991
Position in group: leader, rapper
Abilities        : she can rap, dance, speaks fluent japanese, french and english

became a YG trainee in 2006 after she personally took the demo to YG Entertainment. She actually will debut as a solo but then became leader of 2ne1.
CL nickname when she was in Japan was the "Pig-rabbit". And, something that make me excited is.... She never cried in front of 2ne1 members!

Reference : http://yeppopo.wordpress.com/ ; http://www.facebook.com/pages/CL-Lee-Chae-Rin-2NE1/86225642594?v=info

b. Bom

Real Name: 박봄(이) / Park Bom (Lee)
English Name: Jenny Park
Stage Name : Bom
Position in 2ne1 : Main Vocal
Date of Birth : 03/24/1984
Height: 165cm
Blood Type: AB
Education: Attended "Lesley University" to major Psychology, but later transferred to "Berklee College of Music" (in Boston) to study music.
Religion: Christian
Talents: English, Japanese, Piano, Flute, Chelo
Hobbies: Music
Favorite Colors: Green, Pink, Red

★ Main Vocal of the YG Entertainment group 2NE1 (aka SISTA or 21 or To Anyone or 2NewEvolution1) ★

You And I (Bom Solo) (Digital Single)

Don't Cry (Bom Solo) Digital Single

★ Park Bom's Featured Songs ★
-"We Belong Together (Feat. Park Bom)" - Big Bang
-"Forever With You (Feat. Park Bom)" - Big Bang
-"Unknown Artist (Feat. Park Bom)" - Red-Roc
-"Baby Boy (Feat. Park Bom)" - Lexy
-"OH YEAH (Featuring Park Bom)" - GD&TOP

★ Park Bom's Featured Music Videos ★
-"We Belong Together (Feat. Park Bom)" - Big Bang
-"Forever With You (Feat. Park Bom)" - Big Bang
-"Samsung AnyCall (AnyStar)" - With Lee HyoRi & Lee JunKi
-"Tell Me Once More" - Kim Ji Eun

Hey! I think, the best Bom's song is "You and I" ^_^ I love that! Ohyeah, have you heard "You and I" Park Bom ft. Taeyang? Wow, DAEBAK! Download, and hear it! :)

Reference : http://www.facebook.com/pages/CL-Lee-Chae-Rin-2NE1/86225642594?v=info#!/pages/Park-Bom/64289514379?sk=info
Park Bom and Taeyang ^^

c. Minzy

Name: Gong Minji (공민지)
English Name: Gong Min Ji
Stage Name: Minzy
Position: Rapper, Vocal
Date Of Birth : January 18, 1994
Height: 161cm (approx. 5'3")
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Listen to music, writing lyrics, studying production
Favorite color(s): Pink
Educational Background: Attended up to 5th grade in Kwangjoo Finished Elementary school at Suhkang Elementary School in Seoul Currently in third year of middle school (equivalent to ninth grade)
Specialties: Rapping, Dancing, Singing, Japanese, Chinese

Gong Minji, granddaughter of the famous dancer Gong Okjin is especially known for her superb dancing skills.

Reference : http://www.facebook.com/pages/CL-Lee-Chae-Rin-2NE1/86225642594?v=info#!/ToAnyoneMinzy?sk=info

Yeah, in my opinion, Minzy is a powerful person. I don't know how to explain it, but now, in my brain, I can write like this :
Minzy, the powerful person. I love the way she dancing, so excited, so energic, and... sooooo beautiful! I love her style, and the most important is... I LOVE HER VOICE hyeah!!! :*
Minzy. Good in vocal, good in dance. Love Minzy :)

d. Dara

Name:Sandara Park ( 박산다라)
Occupations:Singer,Dancer,Actress,Rapper,Television Host,Model
Position:Fresh Vocal
Company:YG Entertainment
Date Of Birth:November 12,1984
Height:5'4/162 cm
Weight:88 lbs/4o kg
Blood Type:A
Origin:Busan,South Korea
Hobby:Listening to music
Favourite Colour:Pink

Sandara Park was born in Busan, South Korea to Korean parents. Her family moved to the Philippines in 1995 to start a trading business.In 2004, Park was involved in a talent survival show, known as Star Circle Quest in the ABS-CBN Network. In the final rounds of voting, she earned a record setting number of over 500,000 text votes but came in 2nd place to Hero Angeles in the Grand Finals.

References : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dara-2ne1/170446136309907?sk=info
I get all the information about Dara only from the internet, and this is Dara in my opinion.
I don't know what I have to write here, I just wanna explain that I was so fascinated by her. I lover her hair style. So brave to change her hair and over all... Those are BRILLIANT!!! She's so beautiful and multi-talent. Her voice is unique and... Arrgh... I don't know what I've to write!!!

Over all, I was so fascinated by SANDARA PARK, LEE CHAE RIN, PARK BOM, and specially GONG MINJI.

I'm a Blackjack sooo I posted this photos ^^

2ne1 blackjack :)

Yeah, I think that's all...
I'm sooo sleepy so let's post this!!
Ow yeah, don't forget to follow this blog :)
I will post about "Aquatic - The Fantasy Korean GirlBand in My Friends Brain" with Indonesian language.

Daah :)

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